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One cup, endless
wellness benefits

One cup, endless
wellness benefits

Powerful prebiotics and probiotics from fermented tea and ceremonial-grade cacao promote healthy, balanced gut flora and activate metabolism. Unique polyphenols and micronutrients in cacao and fermented teas work together to support fat metabolism, reduce cravings, and banish bloat.

Slow-release caffeine from proprietary probiotic teas – plus the rich, activating energy from cacao – provides steady, clear, focused energy all day without the coffee crash. Functional mushroom powders, extracts, and spores enhance cellular function for real energy – not temporary cortisol and adrenaline spikes.

Ceremonial-grade cacao contains active bliss molecules (flavonoids, theobromine, and phenylethylamine), which can enhance mood, focus, and mental clarity.

Functional mushrooms contain compounds that support overall brain health, even supporting the production of feel-good neurotransmitters for better mood regulation.

Functional mushrooms from real fruiting bodies (not mycelium) interrupt the stress response, creating space for the body to better regulate hormones and keep them in healthy balance. Calm stress and excess cortisol for overall hormone health with a morning drink that nourishes rather than depletes. Our cacao also retains unprecedented levels of up to 30% cacao butter, maximizing the bioavailability of each phytonutrient.


A delicious morning ritual that
nourishes rather than depletes

Absolute Best Ingredients

We traveled the world to source ingredients with the best genetics and the highest indexes of active compounds.

Essential Nutrient Payload

Patented Cold Extraction Technology™ and Full-Spectrum Isolate Synthesis [F-SIS]™ gently preserves active compounds into their most bioavailable form.

Leads With Purity

Our handpicked ingredients are of the highest quality, having been exhaustively tested and Triple Toxin Screened for purity.

A ritual you’ll feel with
every sip

Uplift your daily energy with 3 simple steps:

Unrivaled ingredients,
scientifically extracted

Thousands are switching up
their morning ritual

Nandaka helps them tap into a new level of focused productivity

Powered by 82mg of slow-release caffeine from fermented probiotic teas, Nandaka delivers a calm, focused energy boost that lasts through the day. So you can actually get through all your to-dos without the afternoon coffee crash.

It has a rich, artisanal taste that you’ll wake up craving

Effortlessly smooth, creamy and full bodied, Nandaka delivers flavor you’ll wake up craving every morning. Experience a rich, earthy base of ceremonial cacao with notes of lychee, wild flower, cherry, creme, coffee, and spice.

It was specifically developed with your busy life in mind

Coffee spikes cortisol and adrenaline, taking you on an energy rollercoaster that leaves you exhausted and overwhelmed. Nandaka was expertly formulated to nourish, rather than deplete, so you can enjoy calm, sustained energy, reduced stress, and the hormone balance that comes with it.

Rated 5/5 Stars

Nandaka | Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative

A delicious, nourishing beverage with slow-release caffeine, naturally-occurring probiotics, and an unrivaled blend of fruiting body mushrooms and extracts to support sustained energy, metabolism, and hormone balance, without the crash. You’ll never miss your daily cup of coffee with the fragrant, deeply rich taste and smooth mouthfeel – a ritual you can feel with every sip.

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Our journey to source the finest ingredients in the world

Functional Mushrooms

Our functional mushroom blend is cultivated in wild-mimicking environments in the pristine Wuyi Mountains of China, where reishi has thrived in the wild for millennia. Pristine growing conditions and the best genetics are essential for the robust production of active compounds like beta-glucans, triterpenes, and antioxidants.

Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial-grade cacao is sourced exclusively from Incan and Pre-Incan varietals of Peru, predominantly using Chuncho cacao that grows natively in the highlands of the Andes. No other cacao grows at such a high altitude, resulting in up to 30% cacao butter – essential for optimal nutrient absorption.

Fermented Pu’er

Fermented Pu’er tea is harvested from wild-arbor 250-year-old tea trees growing in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains – absent of trimming, organic or synthetic additives, and watering. All plant and animal life thrive naturally, producing vibrant microbial biodiversity in the soil. Our tea leaves ferment naturally from an abundance of native, primordial microbes, resulting in a probiotic tea that helps soothe and optimize gut microbes.

Chai Spice Blend

Formulas are created in collaboration with the world’s leading experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to synthesize ingredients where: 1. The whole is greater than the sum of parts; and, 2. Each balancing formula presents a highly effective yet sustainable solution for broad and daily use.

Recommended by health
experts & celebrities

“Nandaka naturally supports hormone balance, activate metabolic pathways, combat bloat, and curb cravings. Its probiotic-rich teas offer sustained energy without the jitters, and I love how focused I feel after enjoying it.”

Mark Hyman, MD

15X NYTimes bestselling author

"I love Nandaka! I’ve been obsessed since I don’t drink coffee, and this is the perfect coffee replacement. I love the taste, the benefits are endless and it gives me the perfect boost.”

Robin Arzon

Head Instructor at Peloton, 27x marathoner

"Pique delivers concentrated polyphenols for anyone who wants gut health support. I use them in my clinical practice and for myself. They are even triple screened for toxins."

Terry Wahls, MD

Clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa

“Pique is the one I trust for its unrivaled purity. No other brand does more to energize the body, focus the mind, and build internal health."

Sara Gottfried, MD

Harvard-educated Hormone Expert

Customers are raving about their new morning ritual

This is the first time I’ve easily transitioned off of coffee and not felt like I was being robbed of my best friend. Nandaka is such a gift, my body is grateful, I feel calm and clear my sleep is improved and my hormonal edges feels soothed after drinking this every morning instead of coffee.. huge shift! - Heidi M. | Verified Buyer

Brothers, sisters, I started drinking the NANDAKA a few weeks ago. It took me a couple days to find the way I like it, which is as a latte, with oat milk and honey. The results are incredible. The NANDAKA leaves coffee in the dust and sets your day off on the right path. I have noticeably more energy and high quality energy, there is such a difference. The rest of my daily routines and habits have shifted around the NANDAKA. Highly recommend starting with the NANDAKA! - Louie | Verified Buyer

This has replaced my half-caff cup of coffee in the morning. That velvety chocolate taste with a splash of creamer makes for a perfectly smooth and energizing way to start my morning. I don't have any kind of jitters or withdrawal from coffee, and it doesn't make me run to the bathroom in the middle of the morning. It is worth the price if you can afford making it part of your routine. - Maria M. | Verified Buyer

I found Pique's Nandaka. I've loved Pique for months, and Nandaka is truly the cherry on top. It tastes delicious: not too sweet and not too bitter. My energy stays balanced throughout the day , and it's the perfect way to keep the ritual of a morning beverage. I've given away so many packets for friends to try that it's already time for me to order more! - Paige A. | Verified Buyer

It has been only 12 days since I started drinking this and I honestly can say that I am not craving coffee. Since I started, I've only had about 1 1/2 cups of coffee. I used to not be able to function in the morning without my mug of coffee and then have about 2-3 more cups during the day. I'm amazed! The other thing I noticed is how much better my mood is. I feel calmer and have more energy. I'm looking forward to seeing the longer term effects! - R C. | Verified Buyer

I love everything about this coffee. I drink it every morning. I just ran out and ordered a new box but in the meantime I’ve gone back to my “other” coffee that doesn’t even come close. I really appreciate all the thought, and clean and sustainable ingredients, that go into this coffee. I highly recommend it. - Nancy K. | Verified Buyer

I have been taking this for about 3 weeks now and I have noticed my hormones have been a lot more level than usual. Looking forward to seeing what it does with prolonged use. - Camila O. | Verified Buyer

I don't think I could love it more.... it's my new ritual and I love the frother! The taste is great, not to mention the health benefits... plus it has 3 gm of fiber?! I'm packing for a week-long trip out of town and I am absolutely bringing plenty of this to travel with. Bye coffee! - Marie C. | Verified Buyer

Love it. Energy withouth the jitters, and a flavor that speaks to the soul. The perfect coffee alternative -- with a health dividend! - John G. | Verified Buyer

I love coffee, but coffee does not love my hormones or my gut. I have tried so many coffee alternatives, as I love the ritual of a cup of coffee in the morning. This is the only one that has hit the spot. It tastes amazing and doesn’t leave me wanting for coffee afterwards– and I love all the benefits of the amazing ingredients- Pique has done it again ❤️ - Becca | Verified Buyer

This is the absolute best coffee alternative I've ever tried...and I've tried pretty much all of them. It's smooth and tasty it tastes like a chocolate mocha latte. I genuinely look forward to drinking it every morning and makes me feel so focused and amazing!!! SO worth it!! - Zam T. | Verified Buyer

The Nandaka Difference

Functional mushrooms only
Supermarket mushrooms
Concentrated extracts and powders
Mycelium and grain substrate
Ceremonial-grade, high-fat cacao
Processed cocoa
Highest quality fermented teas
Industrial tea

Have questions?

In every category we launch a product in, we aim to create the absolute best-in-class – a reigning gold medal champion. As a company, we pride in using only the highest quality ingredients available anywhere and will travel to the ends of the world to source them. Finally, all our products are formulated using ingredients that deliver on their promise, in the dosages required to do so.

Nandaka is no exception, and once again, a new standard of excellence is defined. We believe the data below speaks for itself.

The ingredient table below is printed on every box of product disclosing quantities, types of mushrooms (fruiting body, not mycelium) and the concentration of extracts used. As you can see, not only do we use many extracts in high concentrations, we use them in higher volume than fruiting body powders in all cases but reishi. The reason? To provide the requisite phytocompounds that deliver the health benefits promised.

If you have been led to believe that functional mushrooms are inexpensive to consume in the dosages required to experience sustained health benefits, you may have been misled. A cursory look at the prices of functional mushroom products in markets like Japan, Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) or Korea where they are properly regulated will quickly prove otherwise.

The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, popularly known as Proposition 65, is a California law intended to protect California residents from chemicals and compounds known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm and to inform California residents about exposures to such chemicals. One such compound is lead, which may be present in tea, herbs, plants, and fungi including the products sold by Pique. Lead and other heavy metals are naturally occurring compounds found in soil and can often be found in tea, herbs, plants, and fungi. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not determined that the low levels of lead naturally found in tea, herbs, plants, and fungi have any public health impact. Your personal cancer risk is affected by a wide variety of factors. For more information on lead, please consult the FDA’s website at For more information about both lead and Proposition 65, please visit

Please rest assured that we use the most stringent possible standards to both source the highest quality ingredients available and screen them for heavy metals, falling under the accepted levels for Prop 65 whenever possible. We make every possible effort to find the ingredients with the absolute lowest levels of lead. However, every formula differs and it could be a single, unique, and irreplaceable ingredient or a combination of ingredients that added together contain levels of lead that exceed Prop 65 levels and necessitate this label for California residents.

Nandaka is slightly sweet because of a small amount of Lucuma powder, a fruit nicknamed “gold of the Incas” due to its array of vitamins and minerals. Lucuma is high in fiber and low in sugar, resulting in zero added sugars, while still providing a subtly sweet taste.

Cacao*, Lucuma*, Lion's Mane Extract And Powder*, Cordyceps Extract And Powder*, Pu'er Fermented Black Tea*, Pu'er Fermented Green Tea*, Chaga Extract And Powder*, Reishi Extract And Powder*, Warming Spices Blend* (Ginger*, Cardamon*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg* Cloves*, Liquorice Root*, Black Pepper*). *Organic.

Nandaka has a rich, artisanal taste – effortlessly smooth, creamy and full-bodied, Nandaka delivers flavor you’ll wake up craving every morning. Experience a rich, earthy base of ceremonial cacao with notes of lychee, wild flower, cherry, creme, coffee, and spice.

Consume 1-2 sachets daily. Mix one sachet with 10-12 oz of hot water. Add product first, then water after. Froth with the Pique Frother or stir to mix. Ideal hot water temperature is 180-200°F. Allow whole ground plants to settle before drinking and discard sediment at the bottom of the cup.

Yes. Cocoa is generally highly processed and packed with sugar and milk powders to strip it of any bitterness and add a sweet, traditionally-hot cocoa taste. Cacao, on the other hand, is naturally one of the richest sources of polyphenols in the human diet and has the highest flavonoid content per-weight than any other food. As a true unprocessed whole food, your body can easily recognize and assimilate precious vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The mushroom powders and extracts in Nandaka are considered functional mushrooms distinct from psychoactive mushrooms and have incredible medicinal properties that support everything from metabolic and cognitive support to hormone regulation and immune support. None of our mushrooms have psychedelic properties and they will never make you “trip.”

As with all teas and supplements, we recommend always consulting with your physician or other medical expert before use.

We use both the powder and concentrated extracts of only the fruiting bodies of proven functional mushrooms known to modulate the stress response to support hormone balance, and support immune function and longevity. As a result, Nandaka is completely free of mycelium and myceliated growth substrates and grains. Nandaka over-indexes on the most precious of functional mushrooms, reishi, and includes one of its most powerful compounds – reishi spore powder.