Who says there isn't a magic pill?

Well, a magic spice anyway. If you haven’t yet warmed to this radiant root, perhaps the time has come.

Turmeric helps to support:

It’s no wonder the golden spice has become the golden child of health and longevity seekers around the globe.

So how do you make what is arguably the most powerful health-promoting spice even better?

You ferment it using a 300-year-old process invented by one of the world’s longest-living populations...

Introducing Electric Turmeric
fermented for maximized bioavailability

Fermented for superior curcumin absorption.

Turns out, curcumin is stingy. It doesn’t like to share its superpowers with your cells.

That’s why the Okinawans ferment it.

Using the same 300-year-old fermentation method – and liquor – enjoyed by Ryukyu Kingdom royals, we, too, ferment our prized turmeric.

Okinawan rice wine and mango yeast break down the starches and sugars in turmeric. Amino acids are released, resulting in maximized curcumin bioavailability and minimal sugar content.

The longevity secret from
the “land of immortals”

A leathered smile. Contented eyes. One look at an Okinawan elder, and you know: she has the secret.

Okinawa is the southernmost tip of the Ryukyu Islands. It is Japan’s gateway to the tropics – renowned for its pristine ecology.

And also for having the planet’s longest-living women. In Okinawa, longevity is effortless and vibrant health is a birthright.

So what does it take to reach 100 candles?

According to the Okinawans: Mo’ai (community), ikigai (purpose), and copious amounts of turmeric tea.

A masterful blend
complementary ayurvedic herbs

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” - Aristotle

In Electric Turmeric, the transformative potential of superior Okinawan turmeric is magnified twofold: first through fermentation and again through masterful blending. As it has been done for thousands of years of traditional Ayurveda.

Warming ginger root and cinnamon bark work synergistically with concentrated curcumin to supercharge your cells and make your taste buds tingle.

Why Pique is Superior


The freshest and rarest super-plants extracted via Cold Brew Crystallization that gently preserves active compounds at maximum potential.


Triple Toxin Screened for pesticides, heavy metals and toxic mold. Reaping the health benefits of plants requires daily consumption. Therefore, purity is of the utmost importance.


Unparalleled absorbability, bioavailability, full-spectrum, whole-food, zero prep with no brewing revolutionary format.

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Electric Turmeric


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1 carton of Electric Turmeric

28 Total Servings

2 cartons of Electric Turmeric

56 Total Servings

3 cartons of Electric Turmeric

84 Total Servings

How to Drink Tea for
Prevention & Maximizing Benefits

There are 3 principles to follow to unlock the powerful health benefits of tea:


So... how can you get these benefits? By following Pique's Tea Drinking Protocol:

Trust the Process
A Risk Free Experience

Trust the Process
Our 30-Day Promise

The benefits of turmeric tea are compounded over time and with consistent use. If you drink our Electric Turmeric for 30 days and don't experience transformational results, we'll issue you a full refund with our 100% 30 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Simply return any unused cartons within 30 days. We'll even provide a free return shipping label!


We have answers!

Turmeric supports a healthy response to inflammation, immune function, joint mobility and even more! In fact, if you’re looking to regain some of that exuberance of youth, there aren’t many health systems that turmeric doesn’t support.

Our turmeric is electric because we magnify the transformative potential of superior Okinawan turmeric twofold: first through fermentation and again through masterful blending to support your overall health.

Bioavailability refers to what percentage of the nutrients actually gets released and made bioactive in your body. The fermentation process of our turmeric ensures maximized curcumin absorption.

Fermented turmeric becomes more bioavailable than regular turmeric, allowing your body to absorb its active ingredients more easily.

Okinawan fermented turmeric, organic ginger, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic turmeric extract.

Electric turmeric is caffeine-free!

28 packets per carton

1 sachet makes one 8oz drink.

Meet Pique's Founder

Hi! I'm Simon. I’ve been steeped in the world of tea since I was born. A native of Hong Kong, I grew up drinking tea instead of soda. Tasting different teas after each meal with my parents and grandparents were a sacred family ritual (my grandad turns 103 this year!) After moving to the US in my teens, life got intense. Between getting into top schools and grinding in finance jobs, I abandoned the health rituals of my youth. In my 20’s, I developed one medical problem after another and had 3 hospitalizations involving surgery. The last one left me with an infection requiring 3 months of intravenous antibiotics to recover from! After that, I said never again and took back control of my health.

This was the beginning of a 10-year health quest that took me around the world to study with the most accomplished Eastern health masters and breathwork experts around the world - from the mountain ranges of Tibet to the heart of Indonesia and the Chinese diaspora in the Pacific Northwest! Majoring in Chinese history at Harvard, then studying literature and philosophy in Beijing, I accessed the knowledge in Eastern classics on health, meditation and Daoist philosophy thousands of years old.

I’ve now synthesized everything I learned into an integrated approach to health and performance combining herbal plants and breathwork. The culmination of which is Pique. Tea is the most natural and sustainable path to radiant health. I consume tea every day with minimal effort, maximum health benefits, and want to help everyone do the same.