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Sun Goddess Matcha Tin-alter Sun Goddess Matcha Tin
Best Seller

Green Green

For __type1:Radiant Skin, __type2:Healthy Metabolism, __type3:Calm Energy

35 Servings
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews

Brad A.

Buyer Status Verified Buyer
Rating Star

Skin complexion booster

Received a couple compliments on improved complexion after several weeks of drinking this Matcha in the morn.

B•T Fountain | Beauty Electrolyte (15% Off)-alter B•T Fountain | Beauty Electrolyte (15% Off)
Best Seller

Supplements Supplements

28 Servings
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
796 Reviews
Radiant Skin Duo Ritual-alter Radiant Skin Duo Ritual
Best Seller

Variety Variety

For __type1:Radiant Skin, __type2:Deep Hydration, __type3:Calm Energy

56 Servings Information
  • sun goddess matcha: 56 servings

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
3,422 Reviews

Laura L.

Buyer Status Verified Buyer
Rating Star

In the Moment!

The flavor of the tea causes me to be present in the moment. The rush I get from this tea does not drop quickly as it does with coffee, and I am beginning to see a fresh glow in my skin. Love this product!!

Spearmint Herbal Tea (Caffeine-Free)-alter Spearmint Herbal Tea (Caffeine-Free)

Herbal Herbal

For __type1:Healthy Digestion, __type2:Calm, __type3:Healthy Metabolism

14 Servings
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
342 Reviews

Mindi D.

Buyer Status Verified Buyer
Rating Star


This tea has a lovely mild flavor and is caffeine free! Great quality! I drink it at night after dinner. I would definitely buy this tea again!

Cinnamon Fasting Herbal Tea-alter Cinnamon Fasting Herbal Tea

Herbal Herbal

For __type1:Healthy Metabolism, __type2:Healthy Digestion, __type3:Calm

28 Servings
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
284 Reviews

Jean B.

Buyer Status Verified Buyer
Rating Star

Pleased with Pique!

It actually cut my cravings on the first try! It has a great taste, the perfect balance. I can’t wait to see the results of my intermittent fasting journey now that I have this as a way to cut the hunger when I get stressed out at work!

Pu'er Bundle (15% Off)-alter Pu'er Bundle (15% Off)
Best Seller

Pu'er Bundle

$104 $116

Variety Variety

56 Servings Information
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
750 Reviews
Ultimate Immune Support - 15% OFF-alter Ultimate Immune Support - 15% OFF

Variety Variety

For __type1:Immune Support, __type2:Calm Energy, __type3:Healthy Digestion

112 Servings Information
  • jasmine green tea: 14 servings

  • japanese sencha green tea: 14 servings

  • breakfast black tea: 14 servings

  • miss grey black tea: 14 servings

  • hibiscus beauty elixir: 14 servings

  • ginger digestion elixir: 14 servings

  • spearmint herbal tea: 14 servings

  • white peony tea: 14 servings

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
3,295 Reviews

Mary C.

Buyer Status Verified Buyer
Rating Star

Perfect array of teas!

These are such a delightful treat to have throughout the day. So beneficial morning noon and night!!

Trusted by health & beauty experts

“I was blown away by the purity, simplicity and health benefits of Pique. These teas are a simple, natural and effective way to support gut health.”

Mark Hyman, MD

13x New York Times Bestselling Author

“I’m obsessed with Pique’s Hibiscus Beauty Elixir. I am all about beauty from within and I love adding it to my night time routine! It is packed with powerful antioxidants and Vitamin C to support glowing, healthier looking skin.”

Dr. Whitney Bowe

NY-based Dermatologist Best Selling Author

"I’ve been loving Pique's Daily Radiance. They contain both vitamin C and elderberry for antioxidant support and are maximized for absorption, which means you actually get the most benefits of these two powerhouses.”

Kelly LeVeque

Holistic Nutritionist

“Pique Teas are a tremendous source of polyphenols, wonderful for anyone with gut issues. I use them in my clinical practice. I use them for myself. Their teas have more polyphenols and catechins than any regular brewed tea and are triple screened. I love Pique Teas!”

Terry Wahls, MD

Clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa

"Pique is my absolute favorite. I recommend them to all my patients. I can honestly say nothing compares to their teas— it actually feels better in my body. You’ll be amazed at what the phytonutrients do for your skin."

Dr. Will Cole

Leading functional-medicine expert

"Beauty starts from within. I recently discovered Pique when I opened my own office and wanted to ensure a mess free space as there's nothing I dislike more than seeing wet tea bags lying around. Insert Pique :) I first fell in love with their delivery system only then to fall in love with their products.”

Dr. Shereene Idriss M.D.

Board Certified Dermatologist

Real customers real reviews

“I am really enjoying Pique. Replaced my coffee with it and so far so good!"

“These take-anywhere packets are full of organic, ceremonial-grade matcha made in collaboration with one of the world’s highest-level tea masters."

"I use Pique every morning with rice milk for my latte, and for an afternoon pick-me-up."

"Blends seamlessly into cold or hot water, for a simple yet effective cup of tea."