Absolutely love Pique’s Fasting Teas!

Jillian Michaels


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The Ultimate Fasting Bundle-alter The Ultimate Fasting Bundle

Variety Variety

For __type1:Healthy Metabolism, __type2:Healthy Digestion, __type3:Calm Energy

140 Servings Information
  • ginger fasting green tea: 56 servings

  • matcha fasting green tea: 28 servings

  • bergamot fasting black tea: 28 servings

  • cinnamon fasting herbal tea: 28 servings

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
976 Reviews

Traci L.

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Rating Star

Hallelujah! Delicious and amazingly healthy tea!

I love the flavor of these fasting teas and the convenience of having them either hot or cold. The packets are perfect b/c they're easy to carry along on trips and errands. Each flavor in this bundle is sheer comfort in a mug, or glass!

Ginger Fasting Green Tea-alter Ginger Fasting Green Tea

Green Green

For __type1:Healthy Digestion, __type2:Healthy Metabolism, __type3:Calm Energy

28 Servings
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
188 Reviews

Rhonda G.

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Buyer Status


I really love the Ginger Fasting Green Tea. The flavor is great, and it does help to curb my appetite!! I highly recommend it!

Matcha Fasting Green Tea-alter Matcha Fasting Green Tea

Green Green

For __type1:Healthy Metabolism, __type2:Calm Energy, __type3:Healthy Digestion

28 Servings
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
233 Reviews

Debra P.

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Rating Star


Great tasting matcha. Really is a treat during the day at work when fasting. Easy to make, too.

Cinnamon Fasting Herbal Tea-alter Cinnamon Fasting Herbal Tea

Herbal Herbal

For __type1:Healthy Metabolism, __type2:Healthy Digestion, __type3:Calm

28 Servings
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
302 Reviews

Jean B.

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Rating Star

Pleased with Pique!

It actually cut my cravings on the first try! It has a great taste, the perfect balance. I can’t wait to see the results of my intermittent fasting journey now that I have this as a way to cut the hunger when I get stressed out at work!

Bergamot Fasting Black Tea-alter Bergamot Fasting Black Tea

Black Black

For __type1:Healthy Metabolism, __type2:Calm Energy, __type3:Healthy Digestion

28 Servings
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
221 Reviews

Karen P.

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Rating Star

Excellent Tea

Love the flavor of Bergamot Fasting Black Tea — satisfies my tastebuds and removes cravings. And I love the individual packages so easy to slip a few packets in my purse to enjoy the tea on the go — just add water!

Bergamot Fasting Teas

Mood boosting. Whole, ground Calabrian bergamot rind boasts unique mood lifting properties.

Satisfying.Bold, bright, tangy flavor to delight the palate plus concentrated polyphenol antioxidants to soothe the stomach.

Maximum energy.The only black fasting tea! Black tea contains the highest caffeine content to sail through energy slumps.

Matcha Green Fasting Tea

Concentrated antioxidants. Formulated with our proprietary blend of high-catechin Japanese green Tea Crystals.

Mood boosting.Matcha’s calming amino acid, L-theanine, plus a double dose of green tea caffeine promotes a unique feeling of zen energy — “zenergy.”

Calms hunger pangs. With a hint of peppermint tummy-pleasing peppermint. Geishas in Japan actually used to eat mint leaves before dinner so they wouldn’t overeat!

Ginger Green Fasting Tea

Enhances digestion. A Traditional Chinese Herbalism formulation of ginger, licorice root, citrus, and mint to support healthy digestion.

Refreshing & satiating.Features a curated blend of bright, palate-pleasing botanicals plus satiating green tea catechins.

Energizing.A moderate dose of green tea caffeine makes this blend the perfect, gentle afternoon pick-me-up.

Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea

Curb cravings. Cassia cinnamon shines front and center to support healthy blood sugar levels and help combat sugar cravings.

Caffeine-free.Calming, comforting herbal blend of burdock root, cinnamon, whole Italian Bergamot, and spearmint— with zero caffeine.

Naturally sweet.Sweet botanicals help satisfy sugar cravings, without raising your blood sugar for the perfect nighttime treat that won’t break your fast.

How to Drink Tea for
Prevention Maximizing Benefits

There are 3 principles to follow to unlock the powerful health benefits of tea:


So... how can you get these benefits? By following Pique's Tea Drinking Protocol:

Why Leading Health Experts
Recommend Pique


Cold Extraction Technology™ preserves active health compounds at maximum potential.



Triple Toxin Screened for pesticides, heavy metals and toxic mold commonly found in plants.


Unparalleled full-spectrum absorbability with no prep or brewing required.

Real customers
real reviews

Trust the Process Risk Free Experience

The benefits of teas are compounded over time and with consistent use. If you follow the Pique Tea Drinking Protocol for 30 days and don't experience transformational results, we'll issue you a full refund with our 100% 30 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.Simply return any unused cartons within 30 days. We'll even provide a free return shipping label!

15,000+ Five Star Reviews

Better than coffee!

“I recently gave up coffee, for many reasons, and felt like I could not stand to face a day without my cup of coffee. However, this is even better! I know I'm doing something good for my gut health, and I have such a feeling of wellbeing and balanced alertness. The taste is unparalleled, and because it's pre-measured crystals, always a perfect cup. Thank you Pique!”


Verified Buyer

Perfect in every way!

“Loving that this is a great way to add probiotic benefits to my daily regimen! The black Pu'er tea is very mild tasting. The green has a slight bitter taste which I especially love. Even more happy that all of Pique Tea options are triple screened for contaminants and impurities since I use them every day. I am adding this tea to my father's daily diet as well.”


Verified Buyer

Powerhouse Tea

“This is a powerhouse tea with a taste unlike any other I've ever tried. When I drink it it I can tell instantly that it is doing something very positive for my entire system especially my digestive system and energy levels. This is a must have tea for your collection and I will definitely continue to use it.”

Juliet W.

Verified Buyer

Meet Pique's Founder

Hi, I'm Pique's Founder, Simon.

I started Pique with one goal: to help everyone unlock the benefits of plants so we can unleash our collective potential.

I spent 2 years searching for a matcha that met Pique's standards of quality. Trying hundreds of the top ceremonial grade matchas from Uji (Kyoto), Yame (Fukuoka) and Zhejiang (China) in the process.

In the process, I discovered the best ceremonial matchas are not organic, and organic matchas are far from being the highest quality.

Which is why I had no choice but to create our own... from scratch...

Starting with rethinking the very standards for high-quality matcha, then identifying the right partners - the most renowned tea farmers and highest-ranked teamasters in Japan - to collaborate with.

Together, we created a scorecard to redefine and standardize the most important parameters for quality in matcha.