5 Reasons Tea is Your New Work Soulmate

Imagine this. You just sat down at work and our inbox is so full it’s giving you anxiety. Your Google calendar is so packed it’s starting to look like a filled-in coloring book. You’re only 15 minutes into your day. What do you drink to keep you motivated and energized? Here are five reasons why tea will be your new work soulmate.

1. Tea takes your energy to the max and keeps it there.

When your to-do list seems endless, you need to keep your energy and focus levels up to handle the workload. But don’t reach for that coffee! Tea is the way to go. It won’t leave you feeling ‘wired’ or ‘cracked out’ after drinking and you won’t crash and burn when it runs out. Drink a cup every hour or two to maintain your energy levels, stay focused and remain focused.

2. Tea gives you that moment of peace when you just can’t even.

A cup of tea is like a secret getaway to calmness right at your desk. According to Hilary Ledona from Soapberri, a natural product start-up, she “uses a hot cup of jasmine tea to experience a moment of peace after hours of coding on a deadline. If you are feeling stressed, make a cup of tea, close your eyes, take in the aroma and sip slow.” Best of all, you can go right back to work after (Check out Soapberri’s Kickstarter campaign launching 3/1!)

3. Tea is packed with nutrients.

The best thing about tea is that you don’t have to sacrifice energy for health. It feels good to know that a cup of great tea is chock full of nutrients known as polyphenols. This means that you are also burning fat, lowering your risk of disease and doing good for your body, all from drinking tea!

4. Ditch the coffee withdrawal and 3pm slump.

3 o’clock is rolling. Your caffeine high is fading and your eyes are starting to get tired. Coffee withdrawal is the worst. You are dehydrated and strung out. Your body and mind are telling you, you need another fix! Avoid the crash by drinking tea throughout the day. “I love black tea, mostly for the big caffeine boost,” says LouWhatWear blogger Danielle, “but some brands are so strong that they give me a stomach ache – Pique’s is delicious (I add a Splenda – I’m not that hardcore) and gives me that little boost without making my stomach hurt. Now I keep a supply of all my favorites at home and work for easy access.”

5. Get hydrated. Stay hydrated.

Feeling groggy? It’s maybe because you didn’t drink enough water. Coffee and other highly caffeinated drinks have dehydrating effects. Tea helps keep you hydrated so you can stay on point. It also helps you digest your lunch without getting food coma.

Tea will become your work soulmate. Just give it a try. It’s there to boost your spirit when you are having a rough day. It’s there to take your mind off of things. It keeps you healthy. It wants you to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. Keep a few sachets of our Tea Crystals on your desk and you won’t regret it.

5 Reasons Tea is Your New Work Soulmate

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