Need a Boost?

Do you feel like there isn’t enough caffeine on earth to conquer this constant tiredness?

Wish you could wake up feeling… wait for it… rested??

Drink your mushrooms.

Not just any mushrooms, of course.

Powerful elixirs made from superfood mushrooms, like chaga and reishi.

Sip on These Sacred Elixirs

For thousands of years, they have been treasured as a winter tonic in traditional herbalism for their innate ability to quiet the mind and recharge the body.

The Khanty people of 16th Century Siberia were the first to discover the energy-boosting benefits of chaga.

These mountain dwellers drank a chaga mushroom elixir every day to foster enough vitality and endurance to withstand the subzero temperatures of a Siberian winter, which could last for 6 months or more.

And woven into ancient Chinese scripture are tales of emperors in imperial China who sipped on evening tonics brewed from wild reishi – a commodity so rare, it was enjoyed only by the highest of Chinese nobility.

They declared this “elixir of immortality” the most powerful in existence for its sacred power to ease the mind, rejuvenate the body, and restore vital energy.

Today, you can harness the same restorative power of these centuries-old superplant elixirs to charge through the depleting winter months with energy, peace of mind, and a combat-ready immune system.

Chaga Mushroom
The Longevity Tonic

The chaga clings to the trunk of the birch tree for as many as 50 years, slowly extracting its nutrients and life force. When you consume wild-harvested Siberian chaga, you also consume the concentrated essence of the sacred birch. This notorious mushroom contains:

✓ More antioxidants than any natural food on earth 
to promote wellness, enhance energy, and support the immune system

✓ Polysaccharides to support the body’s conversion of food into energy for a caffeine-free energy boost and inspirational brain fuel that lasts

Reishi Mushroom
The Mushroom of Immortality

Before becoming the celebrity mushroom of longevity-seeking Chinese royalty, reishi elixirs were sipped quietly by traditional Taoist monks. They touted the mushroom's ability to promote a centered calmness, improve meditative practices, and attain a long and healthy life. This stress-busting mushroom contains:

✓ Powerful adaptogenic properties to calm the nerves, relax the mind, and support restorative sleep

✓ More than 100 different adaptogenic triterpenes to defend the body against free radicals and support a healthy inflammation response

Chaga Energy Elixir
The Siberian Energy Potion

Our Chaga Energy Elixir is a true, centuries-old traditional chinese medicine (TCM) formulation and features a curated combination of herbs' whose properties complement and enhance one another.

It boasts a trifecta of caffeine-free, energizing superplants – chaga, burdock, and ginseng – for the ultimate defense against winter fatigue.

Here in the west, ginseng is prized by Olympic athletes for its ability to combat athletic fatigue and promote strength and stamina.

Sip a Chaga Energy Elixir every morning for an inspiring energy that will have you doing triple axles down the frozen sidewalk and and pole vaulting through your workday.


Reishi Calm Elixir
The Imperial Rejuvenation Tonic

Our TCM Reishi Calm Elixir is a cozy, calming, and slightly sweet indulgence that delights the palate as it nourishes the body and spirit.

The restorative properties of wild-harvested reishi are enhanced by the complimentary compounds of traditional Chinese superfruits in this ancient TCM formulation.

It features sweet Jujube dates, also called “the king of vitamin C,” for added immune support plus an extra dose of antioxidants from wild goji berries.

Sip a Reishi Calm Elixir every evening to bring a feeling of warmth and renewal to your entire body.


A League Of Their Own
Authentic. Pure. Proprietary.

1. Authentic Formulations by a TCM Master

No single-ingredient, commercialized mushroom powders here. The transformative potential of these powerful superfood mushrooms is unlocked only when they are blended with other therapeutic plants and herbs. Our TCM Mushroom Elixirs were formulated by a true TCM master in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine principles.

2. Superior, Wild-Harvested Ingredients

The quality and sourcing of raw ingredients is an essential consideration in traditional Chinese medicine. This is especially true of mushrooms in that they are built of the plants and animals that they grow upon. Our TCM Mushroom Elixirs begin with the finest, nutrient-rich chaga and reishi, wild-harvested directly from the remote, unpolluted source: native Siberian birch trees and the Changbai forest, respectively.

3. Proprietary Plant Extraction Technology

Our TCM Master not only crafted our TCM Mushroom Elixir formulas, but also invented the patented “BioMax” plant technology used to cultivate our wild mushrooms and other raw ingredients. This award-winning technology improves both the bioavailability and potency of these plants and herbs, ensuring the highest possible nutritional value. It also enhances the environmental sustainability of plant cultivation by avoiding ecological disruptions like deforestation, soil pollution, and heavy metal pollution.

15,000+ Five Star Reviews

This bundle makes me happy.

“The energy elixir lifts me up in the morning and afternoon. The calming tea is perfect after dinner as I relax into my evening. Having ordered the bundles twice, I can’t imagine life without them. If they are good for my health, that is a bonus!”

Lorilee H

Verified buyer

Loooooving the flavor!

“Wow, this tea is DELICIOUS. Earthy, woody and not overwhelming. It's now my go-to every evening. Now that I've tried the Reishi, I'm buying the Chaga. I've been learning so much about the benefits of mushrooms and will ensure this is part of my daily routine!”


Verified buyer

No more coffee

“Chaga energy elixir is my go to in the morning. I know there are plenty of ways to enjoy this product but I just keep it simple. Morning drink with breakfast or as part of my intermittent fast and it keeps me energized, not buzzed like coffee does. Great to have trust in a product that is clean, safe and effective.”

Kenneth W

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Chaga Energy Elixir


Reishi Calm Elixir



$116 $104

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$232 $197

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1 Carton Chaga Energy Elixir

1 Carton Reishi Calm Elixir

1 Carton Chaga Energy Elixir
1 Carton Reishi Calm Elixir

2 Cartons Chaga Energy Elixir
2 Cartons Reishi Calm Elixir

Trust the Process
Our 30-Day Promise

The benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms, like reishi and chaga, compound over time. This is why our ancestors sipped on them daily during the periods when their supportive effects were most needed. 

The best way to experience the transformative effects of our TCM Mushroom Elixirs is to commit to at least 30 days of consecutive, combined use – charging up every morning with chaga and rejuvenating every evening with reishi. 

If you dedicate 30 consecutive days to this dynamic duo and don’t feel the difference, they’re on us. No questions asked. 

Just email and we'll take care of you.

How Does It Taste?

Pique broke a record and won 3 Gold Medals out of 3 submissions at the 2018 Global Tea Championships - in a blind taste of the finest loose leaf teas submitted from around the world.

"There were very few gold place winners, a gold medal-winning tea is reserved for the cream of the crop, the best of the best. Not only does Pique taste exactly like loose leaf tea, to find out it comes packed with all the same antioxidant properties of leaf tea makes it a homerun! I have even fooled some of my tea snob friends who thought it was fresh brewed loose leaf tea.” 

Scott Svihula
Professional Judge, Global Tea Championships

We have answers!

Chaga Mushroom Elixir –Morning

Reishi Calm Elixir – Evening

Chaga Mushroom Elixir – Organic wild-harvested chaga, N. American ginseng, burdock root

Reishi Calm Elixir – Organic reishi, goji berry, monk fruit, jujube date

The benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms, like reishi and chaga, compound over time. The best way to experience the transformative effects of our TCM Mushroom Elixirs is to commit to at least 30 days of consecutive, combined use – charging up every morning with Chaga Energy Elixir and rejuvenating every evening with Reishi Calm Elixir.

Chaga Energy Elixir – nutty, earthy, bitter

Reishi Calm Elixir – smooth, sweet, bitter

Both of our mushroom elixirs contain 0mg of caffeine!

There are 28 servings per box of our Mushroom Elixirs!

Meet Pique's Founder

Hi! I'm Simon. I’ve been steeped in the world of tea since I was born. A native of Hong Kong, I grew up drinking tea instead of soda. Tasting different teas after each meal with my parents and grandparents were a sacred family ritual (my grandad turns 103 this year!) After moving to the US in my teens, life got intense. Between getting into top schools and grinding in finance jobs, I abandoned the health rituals of my youth. In my 20’s, I developed one medical problem after another and had 3 hospitalizations involving surgery. The last one left me with an infection requiring 3 months of intravenous antibiotics to recover from! After that, I said never again and took back control of my health.

This was the beginning of a 10-year health quest that took me around the world to study with the most accomplished Eastern health masters and breathwork experts around the world - from the mountain ranges of Tibet to the heart of Indonesia and the Chinese diaspora in the Pacific Northwest! Majoring in Chinese history at Harvard, then studying literature and philosophy in Beijing, I accessed the knowledge in Eastern classics on health, meditation and Daoist philosophy thousands of years old.

I’ve now synthesized everything I learned into an integrated approach to health and performance combining herbal plants and breathwork. The culmination of which is Pique. Tea is the most natural and sustainable path to radiant health. I consume tea every day with minimal effort, maximum health benefits, and want to help everyone do the same.