"I feel good every time I drink it! Pique makes it extraordinarily convenient to drink – I just mix it in with hot or cold water, shake it up, and voila! An exquisite and deeply nourishing drink."

Ocean Robbins

Founder of Food Revolution Network

You're either obsessed

or know someone who is. And why wouldn’t you be??
This frothy green super-drink supports:

✓ Healthy immunity
✓ Heart health
✓ Mood and focus
✓ Anti-inflammatory response

Of course, you wouldn’t want to put something in your body
every day that isn’t the pinnacle of purity

unleashing your full potential.

Meet Sun Goddess Matcha

Sun Goddess Matcha is not only 100% Organic and Ceremonial Grade, it’s also quadruple toxin screened for heavy metals, pesticides, toxic mold AND radioactive isotopes.

You won’t find a purer matcha. No wonder it’s the tea with 15,000+ 5-star reviews!

Matcha isn’t steep-and-toss like coffee and tea. You drink the entire leaf for:

Immune-supportive vitamins

Whole-food fiber for healthy digestion

Chlorophyll supports the body's natural defenses against toxins

Antioxidants for brain and heart health

Sun Goddess Matcha is not only 100% Organic and Ceremonial Grade, it’s also quadruple toxin screened for heavy metals, pesticides, toxic mold AND radioactive isotopes. You won’t find a purer matcha. No wonder it’s the tea with 15,000+ 5-star reviews!


Nail your antioxidant quota
with one cup

Why people go crazy
for Sun Goddess Matcha

The Ultimate Purity

Our matcha is 100% Organic AND quadruple toxin screened to deliver the purest benefits possible.

Meditation in a Cup

Our tea trees are shaded 35% longer to produce unrivaled l-theanine for the utmost calm energy and focus.

The Pinnacle of Taste

Our matcha was crafted in collaboration with a 10th-degree teamaster for superior ceremonial grade quality.

How we make
our matcha matters

1. Ecological

Our matcha is sourced from Kagoshima, the furthest point from industrial pollution and radiation. Also home to Japan's first national park and neighbor to Okinawa, a famous Blue Zone where natives live the longest lives in the world!

2. Organic

We interviewed many of the top tea farmers to identify a partner. The site of our tea farm is located high in the mountains where cooler temperatures are a natural insect repellant. The only method our farmer Mr. Tofuku uses to control pests is clipping the tender leaves of tea trees. Pests don’t like munching on more fibrous mature leaves. Farms in the mountains are also more protected from 'pesticide drift.'

3. Unparalleled Quality

We collaborated with Mr. Mori, a 9th-degree teamaster (there are only ~15 in the world) to create the Sun Goddess Matcha. Hundreds of samples were tasted, analyzed for l-theanine and blended for creamy umami flavor before creating a superior matcha like ours.

4. Toxin Screened

The final step is exhaustive toxin screening and analysis to ensure safety and purity. Third-party lab tested to be free of pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, heavy metals, toxic mold and radioactive isotopes by batch!

Ready to experience
our Sun Goddess Matcha?

Made from first-flush leaves only harvested during the Spring, this is an extremely rare and limited tea which will sell out soon!

So if you’re ready to treat yourself (or your family) to something new, healthy and delicious that you’ll want again and again…

Grab a box (or two, or three) right now while you’re thinking about it!

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1 Carton Sun Goddess Matcha

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1 Month Supply

2 Cartons Total

56 Total Servings

3 Cartons Total

84 Total Servings

15,000+ Five Star Reviews

Best matcha I’ve ever had!

"I thought I knew Matcha. Have purchased other superior brands. NOTHING COMPARES to Sun Goddess Matcha. The smoothest, creamiest matcha I've ever tasted. It makes me healthy, energized all day and I have received compliments on my improved complexion after several weeks of drinking this in the morning."

Carolyn M.

Verified Customer

In love with this matcha

"I am in love with this matcha. My body craves this stuff now, unlike less precious caffeine sources I used to drink. It is also calming and sustaining while energizing. Love!!!"

Samantha C.

Verified Customer

Talk about Life Changing!

"I’m a little late to the matcha game but finally tried it and y’all OMG talk about life-changing! The mental clarity and energy I get is unmatched by anything else not to mention the glow it’s giving my skin. I have had so many people asking what I do to make my skin glow like it does and the only difference is Sun Goddess Matcha."

Wendy M.

Verified Customer

We have answers!

Top ceremonial grade matchas like the Sun Goddess are made purely from first flush spring harvested leaves. First flush leaves make better tasting teas and are more nutritious with greater benefits. Because the supply of organic 2018 first flush leaves was so small, once the Sun Goddess sells out, it will not be stocked till after the Spring of 2019.

Our matcha is sourced from a lush valley at the southernmost tip of the Japanese island chain. It is the furthest distance from environmental toxins and neighbors with Okinawa (home to some of the longest living people on Earth). The source of our matcha is more pristine and untouched than any other. Legend has it that the SUN GODDESS Amaterasu appeared at a volcano within sight of this tea garden and blessed the region and its people.

Our Sun Goddess Matcha has gone through rigorous third-party lab testing with SGS, one of the leading international labs headquartered in Switzerland. There are non-detectable levels of Fluoride and Heavy Metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Aluminium, Nickel); Pesticides/Herbicides, Mycotoxins and Radioactive isotopes. (ND means <0.1 PPM for heavy metals, pesticides and toxins and <20 Bq/Kg for radioactive isotopes).

Most Japanese farms are not organic and tend to be situated close to each other. When one farm decides to use chemical herbicides or pesticides, wind carries these chemicals to adjacent farms causing 'pesticide drift.' That’s why the volume of organic tea produced in Japan is extremely low compared to China. Just because a matcha is labeled as ‘ceremonial grade’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the healthiest matcha for you. There are no clearly defined standards or guidelines for what constitutes ‘ceremonial grade’ and most are not organic.If you are drinking matcha regularly, you should drink one that is pure. The daily consumption of toxins can lead to risks.

Each carton has 28 sachets. Each sachet contains 2g and makes a 12oz serving.

Our Sun Goddess Matcha can stay fresh for up to 24 months.

Our Sun Goddess Matcha is designed for you to take wherever you go. Simply tear, pour, and mix in your water. We recommend mixing 1 packet in 12oz of hot or cold water (ideal hot temp is 170F). Whisking is only required if you wish you create froth. Since the Sun Goddess matcha is finely ground according to the highest ceremonial grade standards, stirring or shaking in a bottle is enough to prepare it.

Due to its caffeine content, matcha is ideally consumed in the morning or afternoon. According to Chinese medicine, matcha is considered to be a cooling food. This means that people with sensitive stomachs might experience discomfort when drinking matcha on an empty stomach. If you are one of these people, just make sure you wait until after you’ve had breakfast or lunch to drink your matcha!

We offer free shipping and handling on all Fasting Bundles within the United States only. For a single box, shipping is $7.95.

Our shipping to Canada is at a flat rate of $16, including tariffs and other charges. International Shipping to other countries varies from $16-$18 depending on your location and the quantity purchased. Taxes and additional fees that may apply are not included in the rate. Most international shipping for premium matcha from Japan is around the $30-$40 range.

Meet Pique's Founder

Born in the Far East, I’ve been steeped in the world of tea since I was a child. Sampling different teas after meals was a sacred family ritual that continues today. After moving to America in my teens, life got progressively more intense. Between trying to get into good schools and high paying jobs – before I knew it, I was completely immersed in the rat race.

After graduating from Harvard, my twenties was a rotating door into doctors’ clinics for respiratory infections and skin problems. I can barely remember a length of time when I wasn’t on antibiotics or steroidal creams and nasal sprays. As a child, I was taught to always listen to the doctor and diligently take everything prescribed, but for some reason, my health never improved.

I eventually had 3 surgeries that left me with staples in both lungs and a screw in my jaw. I celebrated my 30th birthday with a catheter going from my arm into my heart valve to administer broad spectrum antibiotics, the unintended result of a failed surgery I didn’t even need. That was my wake up call… and I vowed to take back control of my health.

Little did I know, I would also take back control of my soul.

In the years that followed, I traveled the world – from the mountains of Tibet to the heart of Indonesia and forests of the Pacific Northwest – studying with the most accomplished masters in Eastern medicine and breathwork to heal myself and learn their art.

A scholar in Chinese literature, I simultaneously delved into the ancient wisdom in classics on medicine, breathwork and the Tao or the way.

I’ve now synthesized everything that I’ve been given into an integrated system to help you attain radiant health – the culmination of which is Pique.

Our mission is to help everyone unlock the benefits of herbal plants and unleash our collective potential.